Short trip to New York

I had some time off between commitments and thought it would be good time to spend in New York especially how cold it is. I stayed Dow town New York City in Bowery street! Lots of history and fun by china town very busy area

Another recession threatens the US economy

If you have any interest in the economy, you are likely busy with the recession news, signs and updates these days.

Analysts are working hard, creating additional charts that they think they missed in the last round (2008) trying to learn from not only what happened in 08 but from what the country missed in 2016 election, when all the analyses showed Hillary winning till the very last minute to surprise most people with trump’s win. We then all learned that there is no alternative to having your own thinking, your own explanations your own analysis and your own forecasting. Don’t bet all your money on the well paid well educated and well compensated analysts. Think for yourself!

Are you keeping your thumb on the pulse? Are you watching and keeping your ears to the ground watching for signs of recession?

Share with me how you are doing it!