Bluffview Dr. updates

Spring is here with all the changes that comes with it, I though it is time to put this page together with the goal to help my neighbors to reach out and communicate together in time where most people realizing the value of human interactions.

Be part of the newly set up mailing list

If you are interested in receiving updates from your neighbors in the Bluffview Dr. Please complete the form below and hit the submit button.

Your request will be reviewed by me personally and I will validate the request before approving it. Once your request is approved, you will be added to the list and you will be able to send e-mail to the group simply by e-mailing

Until your e-mail address is registered as a member of the Bluffview mailing list, you will not be able to send e-mail to the list.

The last step in the registration process is the confirmation step in which the system will send you a confirmation e-mail that you will have to open and follow the link to validate.

Please enter the e-mail address you want to use to subscribe/unsubscribe to the Bluffview mailing list.

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3 Replies to “Bluffview Dr. updates”

  1. Amgad,

    Thank you for picking this up! I reference this list often and am glad that it will continue to be updated, and with an online platform it will be much easier to maintain. We appreciate it!

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