About me

I haven’t been using Facebook for the last several years, I decided I don’t need to perform the mass update and the mass broadcast. If you care enough to check on me, come to this place for recent pictures you text or call me to chat

Trying to loose weight again October 2019

I followed a keto life style, I enjoyed it a lot, learned a lot about the body, enzymes and nutrition facts and lost 50lbs

Amgad recent photo

My cat
This is a 16″x 10″ shed, with the help of a great towing truck driver, i got it moved
Andrew, is playing around with this mustache thing

Do you want to move a shed? Ask me
Andrew lost about 100 pounds over the last year, he inspired me
Updated Andrew

Do you know this man? He insulted me on the street in Worthingtonstay warm!

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